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Track Name: Dracula
kensington coffin
burn when the sun beats down
where you sent me is where I'll be waiting
cover my eyes
if im there when it all caves in
I couldnt bear to watch it happen
I was practicing blowing smoke rings
I stayed up all night waiting for you
but you were sucking someone else's blood
five weeks on the highway
you'd smile every time Id call
you were still mad that I left you
and I swore
I would be there when it all caved in
but Ive got a feeling its not over
Track Name: Crybaby
it happened long ago
and I confess that I found faith in liquor bottles
and that poison gave me hope
that I'd forget the words she'd say to me
when I was drunk and half asleep
and I admit so shamefully that it still hits me hard
but I dont know if I could lie to you
I think Id rather tell the truth for once in my life
leaning on the wall with my guitar
trying to find the right chords
but its hard because nothing is beautiful to me
I took another bus up to new york
gotta get away from all the people I pretend to tolerate
and there she is
I dont even question at this point
that I take things for granted
and I find ways to destroy them
but she keeps getting close to me
I hang her from the balcony
she makes marks in me with her teeth to show she's in control
and I dont know if I could lie to you
I think Id rather tell the truth
for once in my life
Track Name: Young Lungs
you always ask me to move in with you
but your windows are too close to the ground
and Id survive if I ever tried jumping out
everything you wanted
I had my to find it
everyone you loved
I tried my best to love
throw another punch
take everything out on me
you found me drowning in a bottle on the shelf
you caught me smiling
when youre around I cant help myself
all the times we said we wouldnt act just like your parents
and all the times we did
we pretended not to see
and if I let you die
promise that your ghost with haunt me
Track Name: Die Soon
I woke up in a room yesterday
its where I always stay but I dont like it
I did alot of drugs and lots of drinking
and started thinking about dying
Im a mess
im not ok
I want to go to LA and smoke a joint red with her lipstick
please stop calling like you do
because I dont like you
if I tell you Im your friend youre being lied to
I woke up in a panic
Im drinking again
I think Ive got a problem
when I finally go to hell
god I hope that she leans over
and stains my coffin with her lipstick

I know Im gonna die soon